Tech Team Positions

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Video Director

Leads the camera team and directs all camera shots and uses the video switcher to cut to different cameras during the service.

Camera 1, 2, and 3 Operator

Operates the cameras on tripods in the auditorium, adjusting camera shots according to the Video Director.

Stage Camera Operator

Operates the handheld camera on or in front of the stage, getting close-up shots of the Worship Team. Adjusts camera shots according to the Video Director.

FOH Engineer

Operates the FOH audio console and mixes the audio that the audience hears.

Monitor Engineer

Operates the monitor audio console and mixes the audio that the worship
team hears in their monitors on stage.

Stage Manager

Coordinates the movement of people and equipment backstage, and on the stage.

CG Operator

Operates a computer to display lyrics, graphics, slides and produced videos on the screens.

Lighting Operator/Designer

Designer: Designs and creates all of the lighting cues during the week (before rehearsal), for the lighting operator to operate on Sundays.

Operator: Operates the lighting console to light both the stage and auditorium by playing back lighting cues that the designer creates.


Responsible for ensuring that all services run smoothly through the communication with the entire Tech Team, calling out cues, and keeping everyone on the same page with service flow.


  1. Volunteers will serve “In process” first before being on the Tech Team
  2. Volunteers must sign the Tech Team Commitment Form
  3. Volunteers are at Wednesday night rehearsals, a service run-through on Sunday morning, and at both Sunday services on weeks they are scheduled

Training Process

  1. Volunteers must complete the General Leadership Form and go through the approval process.
  2. Volunteers must complete the Tech Team Application Form
  3. Volunteers are approved with a background check so that they can enter the children’s ministry
  4. Each position has varying training and varying lengths of training.
  5. Volunteers will be scheduled as “In Process” so they can receive OTJ training and evaluation
  6. After training and “In Process” time, volunteers must sign the Tech Team Commitment Form

The Point Tech Team

Do you have a love of tech and want to use it to serve on more than just a Sunday? Then Join The Point Tech Team! After training and making sure you're comfortable, you will be scheduled as events come in and will range from small conferences to Young Adult Gatherings. If you like the sound of that then please continue to the application!

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