Estevao Da Silva

Pastoral Resident

Me and my beautiful wife Ludumila Soraia have been a part of the Eastpoint Family since 2020. We became members online because of the pandemic, but when the doors opened I started to have Bible studies at The Point. Since then, my family and I became totally committed to our Lord Jesus at Eastpoint. I remember very well when I stopped being part of the Islam religion. I made an agreement with God that I will serve him until the last second of my life. I started my ministry in Angola, and I graduated in Theology and Evangelization at (FATAD) Assembly of God Angola. I served as a missionary in several countries in Africa, Europe, and South America. Now, God has brought me here in the US to serve. I feel honored and privileged together with my family for this opportunity to serve God in this Eastpoint family, learning the culture, methods, and much more. Every day when I arrive in this building I have an opportunity to do what was entrusted to me from God in a church that I identify with. I am committed to prayer, making disciples, helping not only the African community, but people from all over the world that comes through our doors. I identify myself with this verse: “In their human hearts they plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9. I have four beautiful children: Mauro, Edson, Enzo and Estevao Jr. They love God and serve him with all faithfulness. I love connecting, meeting people, and a good game of basketball and soccer! Vamos Golden State Warriors and Vamos Argentina!