Next Steps

Have you recently made a decision to follow Christ or have questions about faith and following God? We are always here to come alongside of you. Email us at

Whether you are just getting started or continuing on your faith journey, we have multiple opportunities that can help you develop your relationship with God. 

Fill out our Connect Card to sign up for any of these opportunities! 

Step 1: Discover Eastpoint

Interested in learning more about Eastpoint and how you can get involved? You should join us for Discover Eastpoint. After grabbing a bite to eat, you will hear from someone on staff about Eastpoint's story and how you can become part of our community.


Step 2: Starting Point

Many people who come through the doors of Eastpoint are not familiar with the Bible and have lots of questions. Starting Point is a conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community. Here you can ask questions and discuss topics with other people who are interested in seeking a relationship with God.

Starting Point uses the Bible as a roadmap for discussing God’s relationship with humankind. From Genesis to Revelation, the Starting Point experience focuses on the story of God’s love for His people and how we fit into this exciting story.


Step 3: Core Values Class

If you are ready to partner with Eastpoint, Core Values Class is your next step!

During this one-time, 2 hour session, we look at what the Scriptures say about following Jesus and living as part of His Church.  Some topics of discussion are:  the message of the Gospel, faith, repentance, baptism, Christ’s vision for His Church and expectations for Christ followers at Eastpoint Christian Church.  At the end of this class, you will have the opportunity to sign our Partnership Commitment.  


Step 4: The Group Experience

Experiencing community in Christ is a vital part of growing as a Christian.  We encourage everyone to participate in a Small Group on a regular basis. We offer several opportunities for you to get connected:

  • Life Groups are small groups of 8-16 adults who meet in homes throughout Greater Portland at various times throughout the week. These groups provide an opportunity for us to study the Bible and pray in community.
  • If you are looking to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible, a Class is a great option for you! We have classes on books of the Bible, who God has designed you to be, and life as a disciple.


Step 5: Sharing with Others

Jesus calls His followers to let their light shine that people may see their good deeds and give glory to their Father in heaven.  At Eastpoint, we encourage everyone to share the love of Jesus in word and in action.  This involves reaching out beyond the walls of our homes to volunteer our time, resources, and talents within our communities.

Whether you choose to participate in outreach opportunities organized by Eastpoint, or with a local non-profit organization, the important thing is loving our neighbors.