Core Values

corevalues_grid-01Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus who share their faith with others. We believe that through understanding and living out these values you will become more joyful, loving, generous and balanced in your walk with Jesus.


Expressing the joy of Jesus through worship.

Personal worship: praising God throughout the day.

We encourage you to stay focused on Jesus. Keeping Him in the forefront of our minds throughout the day keeps us from becoming overwhelmed by the worries of this world. When we remember to praise Him during the good times and depend on Him during the challenging times, our relationship with Him grows stronger.

Corporate worship: praising God together on Sunday mornings.

We value celebrating together. We know that worshipping together on Sunday mornings helps us to stay focused on Jesus during the rest of the week. As we gather together to learn and grow we see God working in and through us as one community.

Intentional Living: living out the gospel in our actions.

We want the world to know the joy of Jesus. We believe that living in obedience to God’s principles, as laid out in Scripture, is the best way we can witness to our family, neighbors and world. As we grow in faith and obedience to Jesus, our way of life changes and people notice! Whether God calls us to be on mission in our neighborhood or across the globe, the way He changes our hearts changes the way we live.


Learning to love like Jesus through relationships.

Devotional time: spending time alone with God, in Bible study and prayer.

We desire to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus. “Chair Time” is our daily devotional time, which we set apart to study the Bible and pray. We encourage you to make this a structured part of your daily routine, whether in the morning or evening. With a growing love for Jesus and understanding of His Word, we are building a strong foundation for our faith.

Small Groups: growing and learning with other believers.

We want to stay connected with each other. We value the community that develops as we gather each week to learn how to love like Jesus. Our Life Groups, along with other ministries and classes, are the best way to stay connected throughout the year as a church family. This is where we give one another encouragement, care and support, and apply the teachings of Jesus as we experience life together.

Relationship Building: spending time with friends and neighbors who aren’t walking with Jesus.

We encourage you to regularly spend time with your friends and neighbors! Being intentional about building relationships takes time and energy, but the investment it takes to love them well is totally worth it!


Sharing the hope of Jesus through generous living.

Spiritual disciplines: maturing in faith through prayer, giving, fasting, resting, meditating and more.

We value generous living. Just as it requires discipline to exercise our bodies and grow stronger, it takes discipline to exercise our faith and mature spiritually. We believe spiritual practices such as prayer, giving, fasting, resting, meditating are healthy ‘exercises’ that will help us grow. When we do these acts in private, for God alone and not for show, our faith grows deeper and our relationship with God matures.

Serve in the church: volunteering at Eastpoint.

We enjoy serving together. As we work together we are living out Jesus’ vision for the church. Whether you help pass out programs on a Sunday morning, lead a lifegroup during the week, or volunteer for our children’s ministry, investing your time at Eastpoint brings glory to God. When we cooperate and serve together the church shines as a light of hope in our community.

Serve in the community: volunteering with a local organization.

We love giving to our community. Getting involved in a local organization is a good opportunity to make new relationships and give back in a tangible way. Volunteering can help you to break out of your comfort zone, meet new people and see your community in a fresh light. We want to be known as generous people who give beyond what is expected; sharing the hope of Jesus through our actions.

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