A Rule of Life

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A Rule of Life

Posted by: Miki Earle
Sermon Text: Acts 21:17-23:11

Who of us can make such a statement? 

If you were working with a spiritual director or a christian life coach, more often than not you would be encouraged to write a “Rule of Life”. The podcast “Sacred Ordinary Days” defines a “rule of life” as “a commitment to live your life in a particular way. It is meant to be crafted with prayer and discernment, in partnership with God, as you consider the way God made you and the values He has inscribed upon your heart. Once written, it serves as a tool that can help you make decisions for your life and determine how best to order your days.”

With full understanding, Paul made this statement to the council, “…I havelived my life until this day with a clear conscious before my God.” One of the meanings of the word “lived”, politeuomai in the Greek, is “conduct one's self as pledged to some law of life”. 

That is exactly what Paul meant. I have lived knowing that He is always present and that I have belonged to him in every one of those days and that my duty and obligation for my life is due to Him alone. I have lived knowing that Jesus is my King and that I am a citizen of a different world and an alien to this one. I have lived giving my whole heart to the good works that He prepared for me to do from the beginning. I have lived learning to reflect His glory here while longing to be fully present with Him.  I have lived as an ambassador from a heavenly world, representing my God to the governments and cultures and people of this world. I have lived unafraid of man because He and He alone is the One I live to please. I have lived my one life under His authority, through His power, as a declaration of His great love.
Scripture Meditations for this week:
Tuesday: Philippians 3:2-10
Wednesday: Philippians 1:20-24
Thursday: 2 Corinthians 5
Friday: Hebrews 11:13-16
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