All In Commitment

What is a One Fund Initiative?

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift ‘above and beyond’ your usual gifts to complete special projects. Normally, you gave that gift to the “Building Fund” and you also continued to give to the “General Fund.” This type of giving is potentially confusing to people who either don’t have a baseline for their usual giving or who aren’t able to really celebrate the total giving back to God through Eastpoint in one single number. We have one mission, to make disciples of Jesus who share their faith with others. Everything we do is about that ‘one mission.’ We believe ONE FUND is the easiest way to get it done.

The All In Initiative will last two years. During those two years every gift given back to God through Eastpoint will go toward the All In Initiative as we faithfully commit ourselves to God and His mission.

Please take time to pray over what God would have you give toward reaching Greater Portland with the love, truth, and saving grace of Jesus.

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How to give to the All In Initiative:

1. Eastpoint Christian Church App

2. (under the Resources Tab)

3. Church Community Builder (CCB) by logging onto your account

4. Cash or Check

 Are you currently giving and want to change the amount? Click here to see instructions on how to edit your giving.