Our call to love and serve:

Matthew 22:37 tells us to love God with our all and that our neighbor should have the same care and attention that we give to ourselves. Here at Eastpoint, we believe the love of Jesus starts across the table as we love those in our homes. From there, it expands to our neighbors as we share across the fence. As we engage at work, sharing across the cubicle we continue to serve. Our recreation offers an opportunity as we share perhaps across the treadmill. We may even venture across the tracks where we can demonstrate the love of Jesus we wouldn’t normally cross paths with or even feel comfortable doing so. We want to help your engagement in these five areas as you present a tasty appetizer of God’s Kingdom to Greater Portland and beyond.

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Cancer Ministry Luncheon Workshop

Join us on Sunday, March 11th at 12:30 for our first workshop as a new ministry! We will be organizing as teams, preparing for the vareity of needs that this ministry will try to meet. Sign up today to reserve your spot at our lunhceon by cliking here!